Saturday, September 8, 2012

Writing Contest on Expats Post

Expats Post

Expats Media is excited to announce our first writing contest. Have you ever interviewed anyone in the past for an article? Now is the time to apply your skills as a journalist. Expats Media will be rewarding $50 for the best interview posted at Expats Post during the month of September. Who should you interview? Interview another writer or poet. Interview an Expats Member or contributor. Interview an activist, businessperson, church leader, local politician, parent, child, neighbor, or anyone else that interests or inspires you.

Two great examples of recent interviews at Expats Post would be Katy Kern's interview with filmmaker David P. Baker and Garry Crystal's interview with Julian Gallo.

Mohammad Zindaki, Katy Kern, and Dean Walker will judge the contest. We will base our decision on the quality of the questions and overall writing, not on the amount of unique page views you receive. Whether you are new to the site or an Expats Member, everyone that publishes an interview on Expats Post in the month of September has a chance to win. Winner will be announced by October 7th, 2012.

If you are not currently contributing to Expats Post, now is the time to register and start posting.
Good luck to everyone,

Expats Media

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