Friday, April 1, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

Directed by Brad Furman, Lionsgate, 2011. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy & Ryan Phillippe.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Question: Have you ever used Groupon to get a discount on something?  A couple of weeks ago there was a special running for "The Lincoln Lawyer" so I purchased the discounted ticket. This was my first time using the coupon service. I didn't have to use it right away but I finally redeemed it on Wednesday. What did I think of the Groupon and the movie? Groupon is great and I am glad finally tried it, but I am really happy I didn't pay full price for this movie.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" was a disappointment from beginning to end. The story ran thin and lacked originality. Also, it was completely predictable but that wasn't what really bothered me. Mainly, I felt no connection to the characters or their plight. Sure, movies repeat stories and plots over and over again, but what sets the good ones apart from the bad ones are interesting characters. All of them, even one of my favorite character actors, William H. Macy, had very little to go on. No depth, no great backgrounds, nothing interesting that made me want to know more about them.

Oh, well. In the last few weeks I have seen some pretty great movies and I have stumbled upon some wonderful finds. However, they all can't be good. I know. Luckily, I watched one of my all time favorite movies with my kids later that night: "Searching For Bobby Fischer" Searching for Bobby Fischer to wash the slate clean.

My favorite thing: William H. Macy did have a couple of lines that made me grin.

My least favorite thing: The Lincoln.

Possibility of a sequel? I hope not.

Did the previews show too much? Yes, but I went anyway. My fault.

Rating: R
Length: 118 minutes

Review: 3 out of 10

COMING SOON: "Mother & Child"


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greeneyesco said...

Good to know - I won't waste my time on that movie.

I've been a Groupon user since almost the beginning. It's a great site but be sure you only get the Groupons for things you really want and will use. I've gone a bit crazy and feel like I end up spending way more that I would if I didn't buy from the daily deal sites. I'm cutting way back these days.


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I agree I saw this movie on Tuesday and it was a disappointment. I thought it was going to end about three times and it didn't. Too long, very predictable.

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