Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nowhere Boy

Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, Ecosse Films, 2009. Starring Aaron Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Anne-Marie Duff.

Genre: Biography, Genre, Music.

Question: Ever want to see the women who would help mold the man who ended up becoming one of the greatest rock 'n' roll legends of the 20th century? Well, then you are in luck.

Nowhere Boy is about John Lennon when he was a school boy and how he was raised by his Aunt Mimi played by Kristin Scott Thomas (beautifully, I must say). It also shows the time during his teenage years when his mother re-emerges into his life, and chronicles his discovery of music with the desire to be in a band.

I will say, if you are HUGE Beatles fan and you want to see all Beatles history you might be a little disappointed. The word "Beatles", in fact, is never mentioned in Nowhere Boy, but you will see a few of the other band members and their early relationships. So, for those of you who are NOT huge Beatles fans you might like this because it is simply about a boy struggling with the knowledge of who he is and his reach for music to cope. The first band he started is the main band in Nowhere Boy.

I enjoyed this movie and thought Aaron Johnson (John Lennon) did a stunning job. It couldn't have been easy to portray one of the most iconic figures in rock history. You simply enjoy the story and you do not constantly say -"that's John Lennon" and get distracted by that.

It was also great to see a movie where they didn't hire actors who simply looked like the members of the band. Yes, there were hints of similarities but just enough. Except for a couple of actors, I didn't know most of them but you might recognize Aaron Johnson from the lead role in Kick-Ass.

My favorite part: How the movie showed him practicing guitar (a lot) and not just picking it up and being able to play like some movies seem to do.

My least favorite part: I can't pinpoint anything right now but maybe the accents were a little thick that I found it tough to distinguish what they said from time to time. But that was no big deal.

Did the preview show too much? Nope, not one bit. The previews for this and the recommendation on seeing the main actor in this role got me to see this movie.

Rating: R
Length: 98 minutes

Review: 6 out of 10

Nowhere Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists

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