Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Directed (and written) by Stephen Antin, De Line Pictures, 2010/11. Starring Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci and Kristen Bell.

Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance.

Question: Have you ever stood in front of a mirror with a hairbrush or some other microphone replica and sung your heart out (or lip-synced) dreaming you would make it on stage someday? Okay, maybe you danced in front of that same mirror. It's almost a right-of-passage for all little girls! I can't leave out the guys - you all probably played air-guitar dreaming your way to fame, so I know this is a universal theme. Either way, we have all done it, right?

Burlesque is another version of 'girl has a dream to be on stage and be loved' story but it was so predictable that the little girl in me got mad. "Try harder" is what I kept thinking as I was watching this movie. With the almost painful cliches used one after another, mixed in with some so-so acting, and the horrible use, or lack thereof, with some tremendously talented people (Alan Cumming, Stanley Tucci, and Kristen Bell) I finished Burlesque feeling drained.

The ONLY redeeming part of the entire film was Christina Aguilera - not the acting but her singing brought goosebumps every time she opened her mouth. That woman can sing!! Whether you like her or don't like her - it won't matter. When she belted out the half a dozen melodies you stopped realizing this was not a good movie and welcomed watching (and hearing) the brilliant talent that woman possesses. Her voice is almost too good to be true but since she has stuck around since the 'Genie in a Bottle' release more than a decade ago to 'Beautiful' which I must admit I really like, Christina Aguilera has some pipes and is here to stay in the spotlight.

However, Burlesque, to me, did not deliver. But for those of you who want to see a great talent from time to time during a completely predictable plot line - then see Burlesque.

My least favorite thing: Seeing Alan Cumming for less than five minutes in the whole movie.

My favorite thing: That voice- really - it's worth seeing just to sit there in awe.

Did the previews show too much? Um, yeah but it made me want to see it so it did a good job. Can't fault that.

Rating: PG-13
Length: 119 minutes

Review: 3 out of 10 

Burlesque - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Random thought: For those Twilight fans out there, "James" played by Sam Gigandet is in this movie and you might like seeing him in this.


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