Monday, December 12, 2011

Rabbit Hole

Directed by John Cameron Mitchell, Olympus Pictures, 2010. Starring Nicole Kidman, Aaron EckhartSandra Oh and Dianne Wiest.

Genre: Drama

Question: When you are sad, do you hate it when people tell you how to feel and act so you are no longer sad?

Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, takes on a family's tragedy and it's aftermath with how the mother (Nicole Kidman) copes with the death of her 4 year-old son. Not a light subject but I was thoroughly engrossed with this woman's plight and how she handled it all. I found it fascinating that everyone around her kept telling her how to feel and react to get over "it". Her reactions, to the constant barrage of advice, was not something I have seen on film much. For that alone I recommend this film.

I cannot relate to the specific tragedy this woman (couple) must go through but everyone has been sad at one time or another. We have all had things in our lives that take us on a course down a dark road of uncertainty. Clawing back to the light to what feels normal and safe is difficult especially when friends abandon you, others try to relate their experiences to yours and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and be left alone. The film shows that not everyone handles other's grief well or with respect sometimes.

Does Rabbit Hole give any sort of advice on how to handle the overwhelming sadness, emptiness or helplessness? You will have to see for yourself, but it did show that everyone deals with their pain and suffering differently. How and when they begin to get past their loss is as individual as the person. Not only had Nicole Kidman's character have something bad happen to her world but their were other characters in Rabbit Hole that also conveyed how people deal with consequences that are thrust upon them.

Rabbit Hole was a tender and poignant film. Nicole Kidman with Aaron Eckhart did a fantastic job at exposing the underbelly of how a couple handles the tragic death of their child. Anger, resentment and the search for closeness with others in order to feel something other than pain are all present in this story. There were times of humor and a cathartic need to take a large sigh during some scenes. But above all, the overwhelming sadness that had taken over the grieving mother (Nicole Kidman) and then her pursuit to be left alone to discover her own path out of her darkness was awe-inspiring. Kidman outdid herself on keeping the subject matter palpable and relatable even if you have never lost a child.

Does this film have a happy ending? Well, I won't say but the journey that was exposed was worth watching because how authentic the story was portrayed.

My favorite thing: Nicole Kidman's performance.

My least favorite thing: Can't really think of anything at the moment.

Rating: PG-13
Length: 91 minutes

Review: 8 out of 10

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