Monday, December 19, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Directed (and written) by George NolfiUniversal Pictures, 2011.

Starring Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Michael Kelly, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, and Terrance Stamp.

Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Question: Did you ever get that feeling when you meet someone that the two of you were meant to be together? You can't explain it but once you meet them it all makes sense. It is chance or is it destiny? Who knows?

I received The Adjustment Bureau in the mail from Netflix about a month ago and forgot I had it until recently. Finally watched it yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I wasn't expecting to - can't really say why. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are usually in pretty decent films, but something about the previews just sort of turned me off. Nonetheless, me being me (of course) I put it on my queue when it was out in the theatres, forgot about the preview and then had some time to kill yesterday.

Look at the genre list above (from IMDb) and really think about it. What a combination of styles to mix together. I sort of wasn't expecting the romance to be such a large part of it. In fact, I would consider this a romance above all; and a really good one. Perhaps it's the romantic in me that nudged me to really enjoy the story. Tales about two people who are supposed to be together, for whatever reason and obstacles keep popping up and pulling them apart; however, they keep finding themselves reconnecting...those stories just get me.

Matt Damon plays a young congressman from New York who "happens" to meet a woman (Emily Blunt) in a bathroom; they chat for a few moments and sparks fly immediately. Now I won't say what happens next with the romance part but the Sci-Fi part comes in and takes over the story after that.

Here is where you can start a debate on if there is such a thing as destiny or if it is all up to chance. The "couple", let's call them, meet again and apparently they weren't supposed to according to a certain group of individuals. Why are these people so interested in this couple? I am not going to tell you that. However, this group apparently helps "guide" others towards paths that they should be on and when they veer off they come in to put them back on track. However, chance has a way of getting these two together or was it destiny?

Who are these people that want to control people's paths? Well, the film-makers tried to explain who they are. You'll see.

Of course as the The Adjustment Bureau continues the lovers find themselves in and out of each other lives. When they were together (Matt Damon and Emily Blunt) I found myself smiling watching them. Their relationship was effortless and I feel most people would kill for that these days. So I was big rooter for them to get together and stay together. What obstacles did they have; were they able to overcome them, and did they finally make it? Well, you know my answer to those questions....

One thing I will tell you about this film, I really enjoyed watching Matt Damon's character and his persistence to be with the one he loved. It was truly heartwarming. Yeah, yeah, I am a girl and all it takes is for us to see a guy drop everything for a girl. We fall for that storyline every...single...time. And I fell for it again in The Adjustment Bureau. Why did he fight so hard for her? Well, there is the obvious. He loves her - geesh, come on people. But there was more and I will give you a little hint...he knew about something that she did not. I have a feeling if she did she would have acted the same way...okay, may have just revealed a little too much but I felt like sharing today.

Also, I think both male and females movie fans will like this one. The Adjustment Bureau covers both a guy flick and chick flick quite well.

Interesting trivia - this movie was based on the short story by Philip K. Dick. He passed away in 1982 but here are a few his other stories that eventually became films: Minority Report, Total Recall and Blade Runner.

My favorite thing: Well, I will say it again - Matt Damon's character's conviction to be with her.

My least favorite: It was a bit predictable, but then again I see A LOT of movies so I will let that one slide.

Rating: PG-13
Length: 106 minutes

Review: 6 out of 10

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