Monday, December 5, 2011


Directed (and written) by William Eubank, Angles and Airwaves, 2011. Starring Gunner Wright, Bradley Horne and Corey Richardson.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Question: How many of you like or prefer to be alone? However, I should ask, can you feel love when you don't have contact with others?

I am still trying to collect myself because I just finished watching a movie called, Love. I downloaded it from ITunes almost a month ago for my trip to LA but never watched it. There was only a day or two left on the rental; I had time to kill so I hit play. For the last 90 minutes I was mesmerized by this film - absolutely mesmerized.

The description of Love by some other viewers prompted me to make it my first ever downloaded film. I usually don't read other reviews on movies (I know, a bit hypocritical) but something about what others said made me want to watch this movie. I am now sorry it took me this long to finally see it. Also, I really wish I could have seen this in the theatre. Visually, this was a stunning portrayal of the human spirit and the need for connection to others.

Love started off with one of the most brilliant speeches I have heard on-screen in a long time. The first line alone grabbed my attention. Although I was confused watching the first few minutes, because the story is about an astronaut abandoned in space, it opened with a Civil War battle scene. What the scene was about or why it was in this movie, I won't say because it is the heart of the movie's message. Pay close attention to every word in this film.

This film took on a deeply personal and a philosophical theme that, once it was all over, brought tears to my eyes. In fact, I sat there, at my laptop, headphones still in listening to the final music and watching the credits. I was almost paralyzed with overwhelming emotions. Why? Go back to my question - do you like to be alone? I do prefer to be alone but it is my choice. What would happen to you, your mental faculties if you, however, were forced to be alone without any human connection ever again? It is unimaginable but Love just showed what can happen but with the simplest ray of hope at the end. It was that message that affected me so much.

A brief synopsis: Captain Lee Miller, an astronaut, is alone in an International Space Station and for reasons Ground Control won't divulge, communications stop and he is left, abandoned, out in space. The film shows his slow decline into madness (or was it acceptance?). No more details about this one because it is a relatively slow, non-overindulged detail film that delves into the fragile state of loneliness.

Gunner Wright plays the astronaut and it could have been an extremely boring film if it weren't for his performance. It is very hard to portray such an intense theme when the actor doesn't really have another actor to act/react with during the scenes. However, I believe the audience is slowly drawn into becoming a connection and there in lies the meaning of it all. Brilliant!

This was the directorial debut of William Eubank and I personally can't wait for his next film.


My favorite thing: The message at the very end.

My least favorite thing: Can't really think of anything at the moment. Maybe that more people don't know about this film yet.

Rating: Unrated
Length: 86 minutes

Review: 9 out of 10


Bill Friday said...

Must see this now. As an aside, have you see (reviewed?) the film "Sunshine" by Danny Boyle, starring Cillian Murphy? Very similar sounding.

Loved your review.

Tired of Previews said...

Thank you. I hope you enjoy this film.
No, I have not seen it but I LOVE Danny Boyle and will put it on my list. Funny thing: My very first review on here was "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell also about a man alone in space. That was good as well but "Love" brought out more emotions.