Thursday, April 14, 2011


Directed by Tim Hill, Universal Pictures, 2011. Starring James Marsden, Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie, Hank Azaria and Kaley Cucoc.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy.

Question: Have you been searching for a family movie that your kids will enjoy? Well, Hop is it.

Although my kids liked the movie, it didn't win me over. That isn't to say I thought Hop was a bad movie but the humor just didn't cross over to the adults - barring one joke that went way over my kids' heads because they didn't grow up in the 80's.

I will say that the animation was pretty spectacular. There were times when E.B., voiced by Russell Brand, was mixed into the live action sequences where I almost couldn't tell it was animation. The artists who created this part of the movie are computer animation geniuses.

"Mom, I give it a 10 out of 10. It was really funny" said my 11 year-old son right after we walked out of the theater. He really did enjoy it because I overheard him cracking up at almost every joke, punchline or silly attempt to evoke a smile. This one worked for him.

"I thought it was a bit boring in the beginning but enjoyed it after the bunny came to Hollywood" said my 9 year-old daughter. (I think she is in training to take over my job as reviewer when she becomes older.) "I give it a 5 out of 10 - maybe a 6 out of 10."

My son's favorite part: The drumming by E.B.

My daughter's favorite part: The Pink Berets.

As a mother, I would say it is safe to take your kids to see this movie. Just as an adult don't expect too much from Hop. Nonetheless, it didn't really bother me that it wasn't for my demographic. As a person who loves movies and enjoys many genres, I have a plethora of films to choose from throughout the year. Kids, however, have limited movies made specifically for them and if the filmmakers want to cater to children, I think it is a good thing.

Random thought: I think James Marsden is one of the most versatile actors we have today. Don't believe me? Well, here is a portion of his acting resume:  X-Men, X2, The Box, Hairspray, Enchanted, 27 Dresses, 10th & Wolf, The Notebook, and Disturbing Behavior. I think he has touched on every genre - not many can say that. Can't wait to see what he is in next.

Rating: PG
Length: 95 minutes

Review: 4 out of 10

COMING SOON: Welcome to the Rileys


heinzmom at hotmail dot com said...

found you from the tailspin hop, great blog.. can't wait to read more.. I'll be using the archives since I rarely ever see movies until they are on dvd, lol. new follower, pls visit me sometime at Ready to Adopt

Tired of Previews said...

Thanks heinzmom. I see many of the movies I review at home so you will have luck finding them. Stop back by soon!


Ellery said...

Good to know. I thought the previews looked kinda lame, but I will give it a chance. Can you tell me if they use the words "stupid," "shut up," or any others of the like?

Tired of Previews said...

Ellery- I can't recall the use of those words but don't quote me on that. I would say for a toddler this might be an okay movie but it is probably geared towards the little older child.