Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why this blog?

I am a movie buff, lover, and fan…whatever you want to call it. I LOVE MOVIES! I know I am not alone here but there may be a few things that sets me apart from other fans and why I decided to start this blog...
FIRST: I am tired of the previews telling me the whole story before I get a chance to see the movie. Yes, I actually turn the channel or look away now so the movie isn't ruined for me. Too many previews these days give away all the punch lines, the funniest jokes, and in some cases, the ending just to try and bring people to the theatre that first weekend. Well, I see movies. I see a lot! On average, at least 3 a week so there is no need to entice me - I will see the movie.

SECOND: the movie critics out there don’t appear to have the same taste in movies as I do – or at least my mind is a bit more open to allow the fantasy of the story to take me away without me wanting to hack up every aspect of the film and compare it to a handful of brilliant films that have been produced over the last 80 years. Meaning – I don’t mind the cheese or the cheap thrill or the guilty pleasures that movies want to evoke in us as audience members. On the other hand, that doesn't mean I like every movie I see.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I am affected by movies. Movies inspire me in my every day moments. In fact, I have written a memoir lately and the introduction is about how movies have influenced my life and how they inspire me to try something new or overcome a fear or make me so paranoid of what is in the ocean that I no longer go in. (Yes, Mr. Spielberg I am talking to you!) I compare life to movies. I sometimes say things like a character I like or from a scene I remember. No, I am not crazy but when I like a movie – it sticks with me, sometimes forever. I cry in movies, I laugh, and I hide my eyes during some scenes so as not to have nightmares later. Movies are my passion; and hopefully my passion will help you weed through the plethora of films out there so you may too have time to break out of your reality for 90 minutes or so.
So with that being said – I am starting this blog to review movies from a fan’s point of view. I must warn you: I did not go to film school; I did not study writing in college and I do not think my opinion is better than yours. Movies, for me, are my escape, my refuge from the daily beatings of boredom, repetition and the not-so-glamorous life that most of us live. (Don't get me wrong - I love my life. I just like to take a break from it from time to time - that's why most of us have hobbies, right?)
Another difference with this movie review blog – I will not be seeing every movie out there right now, before it opens or even opening weekend. This year I have vowed to not spend much money on my movie obsession (for personal reasons) so I have decided to max out my queue and my DIRECTV movie channels DVR to its fullest. Yes, from time to time I will break down and see a matinee – there are just some films I am not willing to wait 6 months. So most of these films will be out there for everyone to see when they want to queue them up, download them or take their date to the movies.
Do me a favor: I would like to hear from you – the other movie fans. Recommend some of your favorites. But I beg you –– DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE! Just let me know you liked it. The fact that someone likes a film is all I need to know.
Also, please feel free to disagree with me on my movie likes and dislikes. I promise I will not give detailed points about the movie and spoil the story for you because I know what I like/don't like might not be in tune with what you like/don't like. Simply I will let you know if an actor was compelling, the story fun or if an original plot was used. Perhaps I might mention something about a movie set. I am, in fact, a professional interior designer and it is in my nature to comment on those things. However, I am clueless about fashion but if something catches my eye I might say something. But in general I will just give my recommendations to see it or not.
This blog, to put it simply, is for us fans. I am sure I will develop some sort of rating system as this blog evolves so you can simply log on, check my opinions and then form your own if and when you see the movie. I am like you and I see the majority of the movies at home but from time to time I might recommend seeing something in the theatre for that extra special escapism that only the movie theatre can provide.
One last point: although I said I love movies – I don’t love all genres and don’t view all of them. For example, I am not a huge fan of foreign films (with the occasional exception). Also, I have children (now 9 & 11) and I do drag myself to see some of the children’s movies out there but not all of them. Also, horror movies are usually not on my radar because they scare me too much. Laugh, I know. It is silly for a grown woman to be afraid of movies but as you will see, movies are my refuge, as I stated before, and a story that scares the heck out of me isn’t that relaxing (or good for sleeping well).
So, without any further explanations –for now- let this blog begin.

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let the previews begin. Here's looking at you kid (hope you like Bogey)