Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deadfall Trail

Directed (and co-written) by Roze, Gas Mask Films. Starring Shane Dean, Cavin Gray Schneider, and Slade Hall.

Genre: Horror, Thriller.

Question: Do you ever go searching for your next movie on something like Netflix or ITunes and go by the recommendations on the site? I don't make a habit of it but will occasionally read a little further when I see a movie I never heard of receives high marks from the site. Deadfall Trail was one of them.

I had already returned 127 Hours to Netflix and didn't have another movie queued up or sitting in the little red sleeve but I wanted to watch a movie, of course. I perused the list of new movies that I could stream and saw Deadfall Trail with most of the starts filled in. I clicked on it to read a quick synopsis (three men go on a wilderness survival trip). None of the actors' names sounded familiar nor did the title. But I shrugged my shoulders and hit play.

It started off a little slow and many first clues of what the story was about or why the characters were doing what they were doing didn't seem to get answered -- unless you pay close attention to the answering machine message being played in the very beginning. The story didn't captivate me for about 35 minutes but there was something to it that kept me watching. Also, the music score had a way of keeping me engaged.

By the time the story really unfolded and the action got more intense, I came to see why it had received so many stars. The music got even more fervent and seductive, which fully enhanced the dilemma in the plot. In fact, the composer, Jason Camiolo, did such a fantastic job on the score that I think Hollywood needs to pay strong attention to him. Stunning!!

I recommend this movie even with its slow start. The acting wasn't superb but it was believable enough especially with the help of the cinematographer. Movies like this and reviewing them really make me realize the amount of work (and people) that help make a movie good: writers, directors, actors, music composers, cinematographers, etc...

My favorite thing: The music -- easily.

My least favorite thing: Another urine scene. I really have a weak stomach and must try to make sure my next movie doesn't have a scene involving that substance. (see my 127 Hours review)

Did the previews ruin it or show too much? I didn't watch any before seeing the film but you can see it here. However, I just watched it -- yeah, it kind of does show a bit too much and it is all from the last third of the movie.

Rating: NR
Length: 95 minutes

Review: 5 out of 10

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