Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soundtrack: The Piano

Now this is one I saw in the theaters: The Piano. I remember, in 1993, all the wonderful songs weaving in and out of this movie. The music was vital to this film. Holly Hunter, who plays a mute, preformed many of the songs during the scenes but there was usually a backdrop of an orchestra playing that helped convey the emotions of the film. For a story that didn't have much dialouge the music was an essential part of the movie and couldn't have been as wonderful without it.

The Piano lands at #92 on the top 100 Best Film Soundtracks. (source: Entertainment Weekly)

You might recall Holly Hunter winning the Academy Award for Best Actress; and the little girl: Anna Pacquin (yes, Sookie from True Blood) winning Best Supporting Actress.

Movie Soundtrack Piano Series

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