Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Movies Online and More - Open Culture

Hello movie fans:

I stumbled upon a website that shows free movies online and had to share. Now some of you may be thinking - 'another pirated site'. Not this time. First, I don't watch pirated movies, ever. Second, I did a little research and found Open Culture ONLY shows content for educational purposes. It's a site that supplies ton of material that ranges from ebooks to films to language lessons, etc...

Anyway, I am interested in sharing the hundreds of classic films they have on their site. Many of them I haven't seen but always wanted to, now I can. So, when I have the time I will try and look at a few of these, but I hope you all take a look at this site and find some classic films for your enjoyment.

OPEN CULTURE - 475 movies
Classics, Film-Noir, Westerns, Silent Films, Indies and Documentaries

Also, I perused the site for awhile and found it extremely fascinating. The type of content and the amount of information on Open Culture is right up my alley... art, poetry, film, education, etc...I have now bookmarked this site. Hope you all check it out. Here are a few other page links to this site:

Charles Bukowski - a video
Early Terry Gilliam Animation
Morgan Freeman Teaches Kids to Read (Early Electric Co. Footage)
Today's post: The First Films of Great Directors: Kubrick, Coppola, Scorcese, etc..


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