Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preview: The Intouchables

Very rarely do I pay close attention previews, especially while I am viewing a film at the movie theatre. Usually I have my headphones in with music playing so I don't accidently hear the dialogue. However, I went and saw a movie yesterday, and did my usual avoidance techniques but a preview came out that had subtitles. I automatically started reading them. It was a foreign film preview. I almost NEVER see those at the movie theatre. My interest was piqued. I kept reading.

I left the headphones in but read and watched the screen - intently. Something compelled me. And I am so glad I did. The movie was The Intouchables. Please take a look at this preview. This film looks wonderful.

I found a possible US release date for May 25th, 2012 but I can't be certain. This came out last November in Europe from what I read.

UPDATE: Review of The Intouchables

  The Intouchables - DVD or Instant View

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