Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Preview: SCREEN

Alright TOP fans, I have a teaser trailer for you to see today. SCREEN

This is a horror, thriller film by David Paul Baker. You all know I love a good thriller, but I am bit of a chicken when it comes to horrors. However, I saw his first film: Mission X (2009) recently and really liked it (review to follow soon). So, I am pushing the chicken in me aside and watching SCREEN. (If you would like to view this film, go to the website and see how to there.)


Click on the Mission X link to view preview and film. It's a great preview - doesn't show too much, YAY!!

I would like people to know a bit more about this filmmaker. He is creating movies from very small budgets, using crowdfunding, not going a Hollywood route and has a drive that will inspire anyone who has a dream. Here is something I just found, an episode of a doc web series, from the filmmaker on YouTube that will explain a little bit more about how he created his first couple of films.


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