Monday, June 27, 2011

Soundtrack: The Long Riders

This has certainly been an interesting part of my movie history research - discovering movies and soundtracks. And today is no different. The next album on the list at #87 is The Long Riders -1980. (List from Entertainment Weekly)

I will admit that I don't recall this movie or soundtrack. It did come out when I was much, much younger. However, I do recognize many of the actors: David Carradine, Stacy Keach and Dennis Quaid.

You might want to call this a brother movie not so much of the plot, which is about Jesse James and the bank robbing gang, but by who else is in. David Carradine has 2 brothers, and Stacy and Dennis both have their brothers in this film. That must have been an interesting shoot.

Well, the music on here was written and performed by Ry Cooder - comprised mostly of bluegrass and mountain music - a favorite music genre of mine. Upon my research I read more about the reason for viewing this film was for the music so I checked it out. Now I see why. I particularly liked "Archie's Funeral" and "Escape from Northfield".

The Long Riders (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Ry Cooder & The Long Riders

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