Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Might Get Loud

Alrighty! It is that time again - Documentary time. It Might Get Loud.

I saw this particular documentary about year ago but just had to watch it again this weekend. Why? Well, because this one is about music. Although movies are my number one passion, (obviously) music is my second. If I am awake 16 hours a day I am probably listening to music 12 of those hours. Really. Music is playing somewhere when I have my first cup of coffee, getting dressed, in the car, shopping, or even when I am walking. When am I not listening to music? Well, when I am watching movies, of course, but when I writing my reviews - abso-freakin-lutely!! (You ask, what I am listening to now?...Adele)

It Might Get Loud showcases the guitarists from the following bands: Led Zepplin, U2 and The White Stripes and even has them sitting around together talking and playing. Yeah! See my point on why I jumped at the chance to watch it again? Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White are rock GODS!!! I am not sure you could put three cooler, if that is a good enough adjective, musicians together in a room. It was awesome.

Let's start with Jimmy Page, shall we? All my life I heard Led Zepplin's music and, with my apologies up front, but this band produced, with Jimmy Page's direction, some of the sexiest music on the planet. Sure, they are a legendary rock band but the bluesy background just turns me on! Seriously. And then there is 'Battle of Evermore' one of my top 5 favorite songs - ever. Alright, a mandolin is the main instrument on this song but you get to see Jimmy Page play it on the documentary sitting by the English country house where some of Led Zepplin's albums were recorded.

My favorite part with the eldest of the three guitarists is when he puts on the 45 (remember those?) of Link Wray's "Rumble"...I am happy to say that tune is on my IPod. However, you have to see how giddy he is while listening and demonstrating some of the musical notes.

Next comes, The Edge, a soft-spoken Irish bloke, who is a musical alchemist. He shows the simple chords he plays and how they change when he plugs into a massive array of effect pedals and the entire wall that is with mounted with effect consoles. This is when you realize how much The Edge truly is an artist. I wish I could describe technical aspects of what he does but it just flies over this reviewer's head. However, I can discuss when I was in middle school how much I listened to U2 (and R.E.M.) for hours on end because most of the top 40 music on radio was just plain crap. U2 reminds me of my youth, and I really enjoyed viewing the early days The Edge and the gang and how they got their start at their school.

Last but not least, Jack White - my favorite of the three. The documentary begins with him making a guitar.

He is the youngest of the three at 35 years-old but he is the most diverse - musically. Also, he is just so cool - pure and simple. I cannot say enough about how much I love listening to his music. The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather are the bands he fronts, but then there is his solo career or when he pairs up with other legends like Loretta Lynn and Alicia Keys. There is not one thing he attempts that I don't immediately fall in love with. So, he is probably the main reason I watched this documentary for the first and second time.

It was a pleasure to see how all three of these musicians got their start, finding out who their inspirations were and what makes them happy about being a musician. It was just a bonus watching all three of them play together as well. I hope you get a chance to see this documentary. It Might Get Loud is one I can watch over and over again.

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