Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soundtrack: Repo Man

I wasn't going to post again today but took a break from domestic duties to check and see which soundtrack was next on the EW Top 100 Soundtrack list: #75 Repo Man (1984). I quickly decided to heck with my responsibilities - let's talk music! Actually, let's talk PUNK!

First, if you have NOT seen this movie - I am sorry. No, seriously - this was a great movie, but then again I am a child of the 80's and hold certain films from then close to my heart. If you haven't seen it or if you want a little refresher, with a hint of the music, here is the trailer. This will give you a little taste of the story and the music. Enjoy!

Second, Repo Man is a cult film from the early 80's directed by Alex Cox, who also directed Sid and Nancy.  It stars Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton. The movie features some of the best punk rock bands from that era: Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and Suicidal Tendencies. But the Iggy Pop has the lead song titled "Repo Man".

Many of you may not be punk rock fans but this movie is a must see. I remember seeing it many, many, many years ago and was in awe of how cool the story was and how different. If I tried explaining what the movie was about you probably would think I was nuts. Trust me, it was a triumph in story telling back then. Now, I haven't seen Repo Man in decades, but I have a feeling I would still appreciate it along with the soundtrack.

If you grew up in the 80's, I am sure you saw this film. Take a gander at the preview I many memories just came flooding back. (They better not try to remake this one!! And don't get this confused with Repo Men starring Jude Law. They are not connected - at all!)

Note: I learned while researching some for this post that there is a tribute album due to be released in early 2012. It is called "A Tribute to Repo Man" and is supposed to pay homage to the bands on this soundtrack. To be released by indie label American Laundromat Records.

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Jen and Tonic said...

The first time I saw this I was really stoned, and I thought I was confused while watching it. I've watched it sober, and still felt just as confused ;)