Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Makes Me Laugh

There are many days that can bring in sadness and worry. I usually try to wipe those days away but sometimes they linger and keep me quiet and wanting to be alone until it passes. When those days take hold I usually go to my happy place - the movie theatre. However, if I can't get to the theatre I go looking for scenes from movies that make me laugh. I have one in particular that gets me EVERY TIME from Victor/Victoria! I am NOT kidding.

I must give you a bit of background on the movie so you fully understand what I am talking about. Almost 30 years ago Victor/Victoria came out. Don't know the movie? Well, it is about a woman, Victoria, who sings beautifully but can't find a job in Paris during the 1930's in any of the cabarets. However, she befriends a man, Toddy, who comes up with a plan to get her to pretend to be a man to perform as a female impersonator. You say, "Huh?" Yep, it's pretty much a scam but a great story.

This movie was written and directed by the late Blake Edwards and starred Julie Andrews as Victor/Victoria. I loved this movie the first time, when I was 11, and have watched at least a dozen times since. It never gets old for me.

Here is a scene (yes, this is still part of the set-up, bare with me) that shows Victor/Victoria performing. Watch the entire thing - detail is very important.

Now, here is the scene I wanted to show you. Whenever I am down or need to smile at something, I somehow come back to this particular scene. It gets me every single time. In fact, I just watched it again and lost it with the giggles. Do watch the whole scene, it does go off into another scene but comes back to the performance.

Forgive the foreign version, I couldn't find another one that showed the whole scene. And it's the end when Robert Preston laughs that gets me to burst out with the giggles. Actually, the whole scene makes me happy but that laugh is so sincere that you laugh with him. Laughter is infectious.

Click on poster to watch instantly:

You may not find this movie or these scenes as funny as I do but that really doesn't matter. What's important is for you to find your source of glee. Just try to remember what YOU love and makes YOU smile - be it movies, music, a good book or friends (Oh, and my friends make me giggle all the time as well) etc...because love and laughter is the spice of life.

Find what makes you laugh and keep the laughter close.

P.S. I just found out that this is a remake!! I had no idea but the original is from Germany and came out 1933. Not sure if we could get that one on DVD, hmmmm?


Jen and Tonic said...

I actually really like this movie! I find it to be very comical in a subtle way.

Glad this gives you that moment of glee :)

Tired of Previews said...

Thanks Jen. Yep, this movie always made me happy. Glee all around!!

love2type said...

movie is one of my happy places too. i haven't heard of this movie yet.. thanks for the info. the last time i remember laughing so hard was when i watched something's gotta give with jack nicholson. happy weekend.

Tired of Previews said...

This movie is an old one. Check it out! :-)