Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soundtrack: The Moderns

It's been a little while since I posted a soundtrack where I never heard of the movie before. Coming in at #74 on the EW's Top 100 Soundtracks* is The Moderns (1988). The movie stars David Carradine and Linda Fiorentino.

Now I was alive when this movie came out but I was either graduating from high school or attending my freshman year in college that year, so I am pretty sure I wasn't pay much attention to movies that year. I had to research this one and when I read what this movie was about I am sort of kicking myself that I never saw it.

A quick synopsis: An American artist, in the 1920's, moves to Paris and tries to sell his paintings. He ends up hanging with the expatriates crowd at cafes, drinking too much and becomes involved in some unscrupulous means of making some money. Now you see why I might be kicking myself? No? Well I was obsessed with Art History back then and even knew that as my major even before graduating from high school. Anything about art - especially during a time like the 1920's - would have made me very happy to watch. On Netflix Instant Play queue now.

Unfortunately, I haven't spoken about the soundtrack on this post. Sorry, however, I can't seem to find a way to listen to it. So I am just going to describe or paraphrase what others have written: It's romantic, sultry, and filled with violins, sax, upright bass all woven together to evoke an enchanting mood. Now I must go hunt this down.

The Moderns: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Mark Isham

* Entertainment Weekly Top 100 Soundtrack 

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