Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Change-Up - well, sort of...

Question: Have you ever walked into see a movie and then walked out? Well, I just had to this morning.

No, it wasn't The Change-Up - it should have been. I was actually at the movie theatre today to see Another Earth - a movie I have been dying to see. I was waiting patiently in the middle of the theatre in my seat with one other couple. Previews were ending and I was happy. Then something odd happened - a man walked into the theatre with a suitcase - A SUITCASE! He walked right past everyone and took a seat two rows behind me. Here is where it gets really interesting...he then takes all the arm rests in the row in front of him and flipped them back up so as to "hide" whatever he was doing. Paranoia set in. I bolted.

I ended up telling security and was ready to get my money back. The manager offered to see another movie - the only one I hadn't seen that was starting then was The Change-up...I should have known better.

No review, no rating and I wish that I could wipe away my memory of the last 2 hours.

Don't worry, I will see Another Earth.

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