Monday, August 15, 2011

Soundtrack: Local Hero

Coming in at #81 on the (Entertainment Weekly's) top 100 Soundtracks is Local Hero (1983). I will admit I don't think I saw this one. I might have but it came out when I was a young teenager and if it wasn't a John Hughes film I probably skipped it.

Apparently it is about an American who is sent to Scotland to buy up an entire town so his company can build an oil refinery. This stars Burt Lancaster and Peter Reigert. Don't recognize the last name? Well, do you know Boon from Animal House? Yep, that's Peter Reigert.

Now to the music - Mark Knophler, of Dire Straights, wrote the music for Local Hero. Here he mixed Celtic folk, fusion and New Age. Sounds like an odd combination but I am sure it worked since it is at #81. Enjoy!

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watch movies online said...

I really cannot praise Local Hero enough; it is simply one of the best films ever made and certainly, without any shadow of doubt, my number one favorite movie of all time.

Tired of Previews said...

Well, I had already put it on my queue to watch it but thanks for letting me know it is a good film!