Monday, August 22, 2011

Soundtrack: Beauty and The Beast

Today we are closing out the 80s with Beauty and The Beast at #80 (EW's list) on the top 100 soundtracks of all time. The Disney movie came out in 1991 - 20 years ago this year. Hmmm, let's see where I was then. I was 20 years-old, in college, with no excuse like a little sister or brother dying for me to take them to see this movie. Yep, I went and saw this movie all by myself. I will admit it, proudly.

Disney movies just make me smile. I remember enjoying this film but couldn't stop comparing it to one of my favorite Disney films, The Little Mermaidwhich came out a few years prior....yes, I owned that movie for a while. What? I am big kid who likes cartoons like this.

Anyway, back to Beauty and The Beast. Right now all I hear in my head is Angela Lansbury singing..."Tale as old as time..."

Disney does know how to put a good soundtrack together. So do I really need to tell you all more about this film and the music? I didn't think so. Enjoy!

Soundtrack and DVD:

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