Sunday, February 27, 2011

...and the award goes to....

Hello Everyone!

Later today the biggest film awards shows will begin: The Academy Awards. Some people see it as a popularity contest and never watch it, while others throw elaborate Oscar parties with having their own voting & tallying process. For me: I have been watching the Academy Awards since I was little - waiting mostly to see what people will be wearing and what they will say if they win. I do think many actors get passed over and some win based on some previous acting performances. On the whole, I don't hold much importance to the awards, per se, but I do think these awards shows have helped expose some great films that otherwise may not have been seen by many.

I have not seen all the movies that received nominations but I do have a few favorites who I think will win.

Have you seen all the movies? Do you have some idea who will win tonight? Tell us who you think will win.

Tired of Previews?

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