Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

Directed ( and screenplay ) by Ryan Murphy, Columbia Pictures, 2010. Starring Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, Viola Davis, James Franco, Richard Jenkins and Javier Bardem.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Did you read the book? I did not nor did I see Eat, Pray, Love in the theatres. I did, however, see all the promotion surrounding and leading up to the movie's release: Julia Roberts & Elizabeth Gilbert (the author) on Oprah, interior design collections popping up everywhere, and countless of girlfriends praising the story on Facebook.

I was beginning to wonder why I had no desire to read the book or see the movie. Then I heard from many that you will either love it or hate it. That made me want to not see it (or read it) even more. But without thinking too much about it because you know I am a sucker for (almost) all movies, I added it to my Blockbuster queue. And it arrived just this week. So then I had to watch it.

Well, I must admit that I didn't love Eat, Pray, Love but I didn't hate it either.

We all know it is about a woman who goes on a journey to find herself. And for most stories like this - the viewer has to feel some sort of connection to the character and how their woes or triumphs relate to their own lives. For me, though, I found that I had no real connection to Liz (played by Julia Roberts) and her reasons for her quest. I just felt no real sympathy nor empathy for her plight.

I am baffled as to why there was this overwhelming national discussion about this book/film. And after seeing the movie this afternoon, I am even more curious.

On a good note, the movie was well acted. I did think Julia Roberts did a fine job. All the right parts were there about the character's dilemma, the arc and the epiphany where she realizes what makes her truly happy. But I just didn't fall in love with the film.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Favorite thing: Scenes of Rome & the idea of making a mixed tape again.

Least favorite thing: the lack of sympathy I felt for the main character - especially in the beginning of the story.

Possibility of a sequel? No

Did the previews ruin it or show too much? No, not really - but the constant barrage of marketing sort of did (for me).

Rating: PG-13 (the theatrical version)
Length: 133 minutes

Review: 5 out of 10

Eat Pray Love - DVD

Eat Pray Love - book

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Anonymous said...

I totally waiting to see the film. After all with Julia Roberts AND Javier Bardem and James Franco how can you go wrong?

I am sorry to say I was VERY disappointed in the Elizabeth Gilbert's internal struggle to find herself. More a gorgeous external travelogue than anything else.

Bottom line, perhaps not every book should be made into a movie. In this case, read the book now and you will understand more.

Tammy said...

I read the book but have so far managed to avoid the movie. I wanted to like the book. Everyone else did. And so did I. Until she went to India.

I didn't find her inner stuggle convincing. I just found all of that meditating annoying. And boring. Somehow I didn't connect with her as I was meant to. And it just on and on and onnnnnn. Maybe it's my inability to sit still? When I meditate I fall asleep. And really, I like it that way.

So, after a very promising first bit, I had high hopes. I don't hold out much hope for the movie and your review is in tune with my thoughts about the hype. Ugh. I'll probably watch it for the geography part as noted above.

Tired of Previews said...

Thanks for commenting Marla and Tammy. We all seem to be on the same page.