Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I AM NUMBER FOUR interview with Callan McAuliffe

Here is an exclusive interview with I AM NUMBER FOUR star Callan McAuliffe from Reel Movie News. Interviewed by Alyssa Caverley. Movie opening February 18th, 2011

Callan McAuliffe is just 16-years-old, but he's already making waves in America with his performance in the upcoming I Am Number Four, alongside Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron.

McAuliffe is originally from Australia and admits he kind of just fell into acting, but he's not taking it for granted.  He understands he is doing what a lot of kids his age would kill for.

We asked him about his Australian accent and how he manages to change it for his American films.

"It doesn't seem to be too difficult for Australian or British people to do an American accent," he says. "I'm not sure if that's because you guys pronounce things the way they're spelled and we don't, so it's kind of like going up a step in intelligence when you do an American accent."

What was his favorite part of filming I Am Number Four?

"I've always wanted to do an action film, I've always wanted to shoot something and now my dreams came true."
Check out the rest of his interview after the jump, including what super power he wants and how he found out he got the job in the sci-fi flick.

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