Thursday, February 10, 2011

Viewer's Choice

Hello all you movie fans!

Which movie, that is currently in the theatre, do you want to see a review on?

  1. True Grit
  2. No Strings Attached
  3. Barney's Version
  4. 127 Hours
  5. The Company Men
  6. The Rite
  7. The Fighter
  8. The Dilemma

Some of the above are in contention for an Oscar or two while others just were recently realease. Please list your top 3 and leave your selections in the comment box below.

The winner will be announced next Tuesday - February 15th.

Let the voting begin!


Lisa said...

Review True Grit, I would like to see this reviewed from a girls perspective. I'm sure its a great movie, just not sure a girl would like it.
No Strings Attached after that, it looks predictable. Thanks!!

Tired of Previews said...

Thanks Lisa. I do really want to see True Grit and I am a little nervous of No Strings Attached but it is an Ivan Reitman movie. So we'll see.