Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Robin Hood

Directed by Ridley Scott, Universal Pictures, 2010. Starring Russell Crowe, Kate Blancett, Max Von Sydow and William Hurt.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama.

Question: How many of you saw Gladiator and loved it? What about A Good Year, American Gangster, or Body of Lies? Did you enjoy those as well?

Now Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe venture into their fifth movie together: Robin Hood. Now before I say another word, I must tell you that when my husband asked me what I thought of it - I said "If I had known one little fact about this movie, I would have enjoyed it a bit more." He replied "But your review's premise is based on not revealing too much to the audience". He's totally right. But this time I felt it was necessary information that would have increased my understanding to the approach of creating this film. However, I must stay true to my word - if you want to know this fact before viewing the movie - please email me at

With that said: I really didn't enjoy this film. It was dark, long and due to a few wrong casting choices it made it hard for me to delve into the story fully. I have usually enjoyed their films - even A Good Year which got horrible reviews. But so far, Robin Hood is my least favorite for this pair.

The film makers decided to take a different approach to telling this age-old morality tale. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. For me, when you change a story dramatically, especially one that you grew up on - it can cause a bad reaction. However, I do think that many will actually enjoy a change in pace.

There are a lot of good fight scenes - almost military inspired battle scenes. Russell Crowe still commands a presence and is fun to watch shooting a bow and arrow but that is about all I liked in the film.

My favorite: Russell Crowe and his trusty bow and arrow.

My least favorite: The lack of chemistry between the "Merry Men" and Marion with Robin Hood.

Possibility of a sequel? I don't think so although its ending left it open for one.

Did the previews reveal too much or ruin it? No

Rating: PG-13
Length: 140 minutes

Review: 3 out of 10

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