Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soundtrack: Beetlejuice

"Inspired by Tim Burton's cast of comic undead, Oingo Boingo chief Danny Elfman shook up film music's old guard by blending Nino Rota-style hurdy-gurdy circus music, the demonic energy of Warner Bros. cartoons, and Elfman's own rock sensibility. The result: one of the most slavishly imitated comedy scores of the '80s" (from EW's 100 Best Movie Soundtracks) 1988

I thought this was a fantastic movie when it came out - so original - and the music made it that much better. That is how it landed as #98 on the top 100 Best Soundtracks of all time.

For decades now Danny Elfman and Tim Burton have been making movie history and "Beetlejuice" might be one of my favorites. However, with all my research I couldn't find an actual album to show you but I have discovered many of the songs grouped together on other albums for Danny Elfman.
For some of the songs - click here: Beetle Juice

Danny Elfman - is a prolific American composer for many film-makers and TV producers. Plus, he has been nominated for many awards, including the Academy Awards, a Grammy Award and an Emmy Award. He has even lent his voice for a song or two. Remember Jack Skellington? Yep, that's him.

Check out his other accomplishments. You might be surprised what else he composed.

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