Monday, March 7, 2011

Interview: The Lincoln Lawyer

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to an interview from Reel Movie News and I saw that a lot of you seemed to like it. Here is another interview from them with Margarita Levieva from The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillipe.

"Margarita Levieva recently caught up with Reel Movie News to dish about her role in The Lincoln Lawyer, opposite Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillipe.
Levieva plays a key role in the film - she is the woman who accuses Phillipe's character of rape and is subsequently the catalyst to all the events that unfold after.
The actress talks about playing a prostitute, how she prepared for the role, and what it was like to work with McConaughey and Phillipe."

Click here for the rest of the interview....Margarita Levieva interview


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