Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soundtrack: Blue Velvet

Well, here is the first entry: Blue Velvet (1986) is #100 on the top 100 Best Soundtracks of all time. Well, at least according to the last time this list was put together, which was nearly a decade ago. I will also be posting some of the best sounbdtracks from the past few years so they don't get ignorned.

I saw Blue Velvet a long time ago and remember some scenes vividly, but I really don't recall the music. But after listening to the soundtrack again, I can see why this is on the list. The songs are soft, haunting and mysterious not unlike the plot. The music really brought more tension and emotion to the scenes.

The soundtrack is by Angelo Badalmenti. He also did most of the music for Twin Peaks.

Angelo Badalamenti

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