Monday, March 28, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Directed by Mark Romanek, DNA Films, 2010. Starring Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, and  Keira Knightley.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Question: Have you ever started watching a movie thinking it is going to be about one thing and then it turns out to be about something completely different? Well, that is what happened to me while I was watching "Never Let Me Go".

It is an adaptation from a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. The same writer of Remains of the Day. I didn't know that going in but from the previews it seemed like one of those types of movie - a romance set in an idyllic British countryside in a time not too long ago. However, about 20 minutes in I realized the movie had a second plot interwoven into the romance plot, and it made it so much more intriguing.

Once the second story-line was revealed, I knew I was watching a unique tale wrapped in a facade. So surprising but emotional - at least for me. Again, I won't tell you what it is about but I really enjoyed this film and the 2 story-lines.

The three main actors all did a stunning job: Carey Mulligan, who has the most mature sounding voice as she narrates the film, was brilliant. Keira Knightley pulled off a character unlike any she has played before, and Andrew Garfield (from "The Social Network" and soon to be released "Spider-Man") had one of the most heart wrenching scenes that I may have ever watched on film.

"Never Let Me Go" Never Let Me GoWatch this one - it will make you think; it will make you shudder; and it should make you grateful. I might even buy the book on this one. I have a feeling more is explained.

My favorite thing: That I was surprised.

My least favorite thing: The thought of the reality of the second story.

Possibility of a sequel? No.

Did the previews show too much? Not one bit. They made me want to see it and it didn't reveal - only hinted - at the second story line.

Soundtrack: Never Let Me Go (Original Motion Picture Score) - Rachel Portman

Rating: R
Length: 103 minutes

Review: 8 out of 10

COMING SOON: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

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Sachi said...

Ha this was on my list and I just never quite hung in there long enough to watch it but 8 out of 10 is great so I look forward to watching it! Thanks