Monday, March 7, 2011

I actually don't hate previews.

Hello fellow movie fans:

I was talking with a friend of mine after seeing Rango this weekend. The topic soon turned to my blog, the name of it and that I should change it because he actually likes previews. It is his favorite part about going to the movie theater. I had to explain to him that I don't hate previews. Honestly, a few years ago it used to be one of my favorites parts as well. Also, there are many previews that make me want to see a movie.  But recently something seem to change with previews and their content. He seemed confused by my response.

Then I felt like I had to explain the name of the blog and why I started the movie reviews again, but as I was explaining my position I thought maybe others out there may feel the same way as my friend. So, I am talking about the reason for this blog again. Hope you all don't mind.

I told him to read my first post which explains all my reasons on why I started this blog. I believe he said he hadn't.

Then I went further by explaining that my main issue today is that I am basically "tired of previews" and trailers showing too much today. I am not tired of the concept of previews.  As a child or even 5-10 years ago I don't recall previews basically showing the entire plot or all the great or funny lines - quite the opposite. Previews used to be a teaser. They enticed you and made you want to see a film in the theater.   But this is what I mean by something has changed. Somewhere someone decided to show us more in the previews - especially the ones they show in the theaters.

Perhaps Hollywood may be so desperate to get those huge box office numbers. Perhaps they feel like they need to show us most of the decent elements to get us to see the movie opening weekend. This essentially is a business and people are trying to make money, I understand that.  However, we used to have weeks or more to see the film in the theater - not anymore it seems. If a film doesn't grab those huge box office numbers the first few days, the movie is gone.. into DVD or download land.

I don't claim to know what Hollywood execs are thinking so all of the above is just a theory. But with that said, I just want the people who make the previews to realize that part of the experience of watching movies is to get lost in the story and to be surprised through the dialogue, the cool effects and/or the story. Unfortunately, I am rarely surprised anymore after seeing most previews today so getting totally lost in a film is rare as well. I know I am not alone in this sentiment.

So, this leads me to why I write my reviews. If you feel the same as me - skip the previews, read my reviews and decide for yourself if you want to see the movie. I will be here to let you if the previews ruined the movie watching experience or not. I also promise to not share too much detail about the movie so your experience is filled with surprises.

I hope that clears things up for back to my reviews.



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