Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to switch resources

Hello ToP? fans:

Well, I went to my local Blockbuster store the other day to rent a few movies. Yes, I am one of the last holdouts, as it seems. I just like going into a video store and looking at the covers, picking them up and turning them over to read the summary to see if it was something I wanted to see. Heck, that's how I found Hachi the other week - saw the cute dog on the cover and thought 'that is something my kids would want to see'. I know you can do this online but in person it just seemed better - or more familiar. However, I also have movies mailed to me from but most of those movies are the latest ones that were just in the theaters that I didn't get a chance to see when they were out.

Anyway, as I walked in something looked different - so I paused. A store clerk came up to tell me it is closing. Not shocking to hear but it was disappointing. He went on to tell me that it is just that store due to the landlord but I didn't believe him completely. This wasn't the only store in our area that was closing or which had already closed.

For years many people have told me to switch to Netflix or download movies, but I always refused because I don't like change. Blockbuster has been a constant in my life for 20 years. When I was a kid it was such a treat to hop in the car with my father to go rent a couple of "tapes". Those huge tapes for our VCR. Remember those?

The signs are clear though: I will be switching resources this week because I don't want to be left behind - or miss those weekly arrivals in my mailbox. If anyone has any tips - please let me know. I might have to even check out downloading a movie or two - which kind of sounds fun and futuristic but I am sure it will become old school soon enough. Hello 21st century - sorry I am a little late.

However, with the passing of the baton for at-home-movie-viewing being forced upon me, nothing will take away my favorite way to see a movie - at the movie theater! So, if anyone is thinking of closing those down too - stop right now. Everyone go out there and support your local theaters from time to time. Don't let the best way to escape reality and venture into the wonderful world of films go away too, please!

Now back to the reviews.


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Wakela Runen said...

The Blockbuster near my house is closing too. There are huge signs in the windows saying "This store only". But they are selling all of their DVDs for $4.99. So that makes me think that it isn't just that store. Otherwise, why sell the movies off when you can just send them to one of the other stores.

Tired of Previews said...

Yep - I think it is beginning of the end. so sad