Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Let's change things up a little bit. You all know I love movies but I also love music, and sometimes they go hand-in-hand. The soundtrack can make a good movie great, a great movie perfect and, from time to time, a-not-so-good movie pretty decent. Am I right?

Look through your CDs and song lists and see how many came from a movie soundtrack. I found a lot when I looked through some of my old CDs and my IPod list.  Also, I saw there were a lot that came from movies I sort of forgot about. Interesting. These songs have stood the test of time for me but some of the movies lost their luster.

After thinking about this I know there must be more great soundtracks that must get be brought to light. So, I am off to do some research in my own library and beyond.

Starting soon I will be posting daily the best soundtracks of all time. I will, also, post the best soundtracks from the last few years.  Don't worry I will still be posting my movie reviews. This is just an added bonus for all you music lovers out there.


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